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iFashion London

iFashion London is an event designed to connect business and creative industries. This is an event for students by students. The show was fully organized and developed by the Lifestyle Club at Hult International Business School and is intended to be a platform for young aspiring professionals and designers to make connections and develop their business skills within the arts sector.

We featured student designers from all over the UK and provided them with a platform to showcase their current designs. We integrated real-time social media into the show to generate immediate, digital feedback on designs, and  to create a digital community around the show, which enabled immediate brand engagement for the schools and sponsors.

The Lifestyle Club is a student club at Hult International Business School made up of Marketing, Finance, Business and Business Administration students. Our aim is to develop our knowledge base, skills, and develop, networks within the fashion and luxury industries.

Upon graduating, we all want to work in luxury, fashion, or the arts, but how do we overcome that 'Catch 22' of needing more experience when its not easy to be hired? We develop our own event and support other students to do the same.

We came up with the idea of the fashion show as a way to develop our skills and build on our networks in London. This concept grew into a way to develop connections with creative students and the fashion industry and will act as a taster for a collection of events that aim to continue to build those relationships.

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